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Korea Fermented Red Ginseng with Kimchi Probiotics

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Product Detail Information

Contents :
30ml x 30 bottles – contains soluble red ginseng contents(Red Ginseng Beverage)

Active ingredients :
3% Korean Kimchi Lactic Acid Bacteria from Concentrated Fermented Red Ginseng Sap(65% solids), Propolis, Citric, Fructo- oligosaccharide

Characteristics :
Korea Fermented Red Ginseng is concentrated red ginseng sap fermented with Kimchi lactic acid bacteria based on Korea’s traditional fermenting technology and the latest bioengineering technology. The saponin is reconfigured during the fermenting process to be absorbed more easily. Also, Kimchi lactic acid bacteria generate anti- bacterial peptide and organic acid to improve your body’s anti-bacterial capacity and immune system.

A. The 5th generation red ginseng product, more upgraded
The 5th generation red ginseng product of bioengineering technology which has been cured for long time under optimum fermenting condition after mixing with red ginseng extract directly by cultivating vegetal lactic acid bacterium (Leuconostoc sp.) which has been separated from Kimchi.

B. Outstanding absorption effect to human body
As it contains red ginseng metabolic product(ginsenoside Rh1, Rh2, Rg3, compound K, PPD, PPT) and functional oligosaccharide obtained through fermentation of Kimchi lactic acid bacterium, so that anyone can get effects of red ginseng regardless unbalance of personal lactic acid bacterium in bowels.

C. Containing saponin which absorption effect to human body is excellent
General red ginseng and mountain ginseng product contains saponin few and the digest rate of the contained saponin is 30% or less, but fermented red ginseng’s saponin shows more than 90% of digest rate.
=> (Content of ginsenoside Rg3 & Rh2: more than 10mg/g / general red ginseng 0.1mg/g or less)

D. Feature of Kimchi lactic acid bacterium medium
In the medium made of Leuconostoc sp. And Pediococcus sp. The Kimchi lactic acid bacterium, antimicrobial peptide has significant effect against to anti-virus (improving immunity function), and so it was so effective to SARS worldwide as well as proving the strength of Korean Kimchi.