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BB Cream

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Introduction : A Type – Light beige / B Type – Beige

  1. Premium BB Cream, containing snail mucus and red ginseng extract
  2. Functional cosmetics certified by KFDA
    3 multi functionality of UV Block + Whitening + Wrinkle improvement
  3. Main ingredient – Adenosine (Announced raw material for anti-aging): Improving and preventing wrinkle effect Albutine(Announced raw material for whitening) : Sustaining skin beautiful and bright
  4. Sufficient UV shielding effect with SPF37
  5. Prevent skin trouble and maximize anti-aging by blocking strong UV A with PA+++
  6. No stickiness or leftovers even in long use.
  7. Excellent use sensation and available to substitute makeup base by selecting own skin tone
  8. Used for raw material of haute cosmetics

Instruction : After skin care, apply on entire face and neck area properly and pad lightly.

Capacity : 50ml tube type


Squalene – It contains squalene oil which is used for softener and protector of premium cosmetics and provides good use sensation and maintains moistened skin by forming water film on skin.

Vitamin E – It contains vitamin E (tocopherol ) to prevent skin dry and increase resilience.
Snail mucus – It effects to skin trouble such as pimple or tumor excellently and especially it eliminates skin pigment and care bright skin.

Red ginseng extract – It helps to survive skin roughened by environmental contamination and stress by outstanding skin immunity function and maintain resilient and healthy skin.