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Korea Red Ginseng Jin Saponin Capsules

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  • South Korea South Korea

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Product Detail Information

Contents : 300mg X 60 capsules

Active ingredients :
100% concentrated fermented red ginseng powder(more than 200mg/g red ginseng saponin,Korea)

Ingredients and contents(%) :
Red ginseng concentrated powder (ginsenoside Rg1+Rb1 10mg/g) 100%

  • Red ginseng 200mg/g or more, Rg3 20mg/g or more, Rh1 10mg/g or more, Compound K 2mg/g or more
  • Raw material ginseng ratio: Red ginseng root30%, fine red ginseng root 70%
  • Capsule material: gelatin, purified water, caramel pigment, glacial acetic acid, sucrose fat acid ester

Instruction : twice daily, ingest a capsule with water

Features :

  • 100% red ginseng concentrated powder
  • Easy to ingest because of capsule type
  • Daily ingesting 4mg of ginsenoside Rg1 + Rb1
  • Contains ginsenoside 20mg/g or more, Rg3 20mg/g or more, Rh1 10mg/g or more, Compound K 2mg/g or more

Functions :

  • Improving immunity and relieving fatigue
  • Helping blood circulation through platelet agglutination
  • Improving memory

Applications for :

  • One whose immunity is weak due to weak health;
  • One who needs to improve memory;
  • One who is tired due to excessive work;
  • One who wants energy;

Korea Red Ginseng Saponin Capsule is effective to memory and fatigue relief.
Red ginseng contains many types of ginsenoside, polysaccharides polyacetylene, amino sugar and phenol compound such as Rb1, Rd, Rg1, Rg3, Rh1, Compound K, called saponin, and each ingredient acts to body complicatedly, and among them saponin is the representative functional ingredient.
Red ginseng functions to improve immunity and relieves fatigue by using various compounds such as saponin which are benefit for body.
Also red ginseng is helpful for improving memory, refraining material which causes platelet agglutination excessively so as to maintain smooth blood circulation.
In red ginseng that has been used for long time, there are newly created bioactive ingredients which provide our body good benefits.
Red Ginseng can help to improve memory for anyone not only men and women, adult, children, but young people.