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Korea Red Ginseng Daebo

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[Korea Ginseng Corp.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Contents : 10g x 20bags x 3boxes

Type : Miscellaneous Processed Food

Ingredients & Contents :
10% Red Ginseng Extracts(7mg/g red ginseng, Korean), 32% Mixed Plant Concentrates[100%(11.25% Angelica root, 11.25% Peony, 9.5%, Cnidium, 9.5% Steamed Foxglove, 8.5% Atractylodes macrocephala, 8% Malt, 8% Milk Vetch Root, 8% Larch Agaric, 7% Cinnamon, 5% Jujube, 4% Dried Orange Peel, 3.5% Chinese Matrimony Vine Fruit, 3% Dried Ginger, 3% Licorice)]

Great for :
Anyone who is weak or undernourished. Anyone who is weak against cold germs and has weak immune system. Anyone who has lost appetite and has a hard time ingesting food. Anyone who is weak against cold weather and sweats too much. Anyone who is weak in general, Individually packaged for easy consumption.