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Organic hydrogel red ginseng mask pack

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Double-action formula for whitening and wrinkle diminishing effects

Total care organic hydrogel mask

To firm and invigorate fatigued skin, transformation of dull colored skin into clear and clean skin

Free from the following ingredients: Synthetic or chemical preservatives, artificial color, synthetic fragrances, silicone/mineral oils

What is total care organic hydrogel mask?

Healthy and lustrous skin!

Saponin in red ginseng provides resilience and energy to fatigued skin for maintenance of healthy skin. Red ginseng extracts supply nourishment to brittle skin for lustrous skin.

100% natural ingredients!

100% natural ingredients not only calm sensitive skin but also protect skin from harmful external environment. It helps clarify and cleanse dull colored skin.

Nourishment and moisture at once!: Aloe extracts and Manuka honey extracts react to the temperature of skin, immediately providing rich nourishing agents and strong moisture. This organic total care hydrogel mask with whitening and wrinkle diminishing functions are designed into two sections, top and bottom.

Double-action ingredients for whitening and wrinkle diminishing effects!: Arbutin for whitening effect and adenosine for wrinkle diminishing effect help provide whitening and wrinkle diminishing effects.

Aloe, Manuka honey, and red ginseng for beautiful skin

Effects of aloe: Aloe contains high levels of moisture which is absolutely necessary for skin, to provide oxygen for healthy skin.

It is more effective for moisture supply and it helps moisturize dry skin.

Effects of Manuka honey: Made from honey collected from tea tree flowers grown in the Manuka woods of New Zealand, it is rich in natural ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, and proteins, for healthy skin.

It keeps skin soft.

Effects of red ginseng: Ginsenoside and phenol in red ginseng relieve pigmentation, erythema, freckles, etc., reduce expiration of normal keratin cells, and makes skin healthy, improving diminishing wrinkles.

Relieves skin aging through promotion of antioxidant activation of argine-fructose in red ginseng.


Saponin in red ginseng provides resilience and energy to damaged and fatigued skin for healthy and invigorated skin.

Effective use!

1. After facial cleansing, tone skin. Remove the top film as indicated.

2. Remove the gel mask (top and bottom sections) and attach the bottom section first, beginning from the mouth area, toward the cheeks. (top and bottom of mask are disjoined)

3. Attach the top section beginning from eyes and gently apply for close adhesion to skin.

4. Remove mask after 20 to 40 minutes and pat remaining essence lightly for absorption. (There is no need for additional facial cleansing.)



1. Apply essence in container onto face before attaching mask for better adhesion.

2. Considering the 4-week skin turnover, use at least 2 – 3 times a week, for 4 continuous weeks for best results.

3. Place in refrigerator before use for cooling gel mask effect.

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